The main division of TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is buying high-risk yearlings to grow on feed and eventually be sold to feed yards.  A bulk of the daily activities at TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC include fine combing the ranch and livestock to be sure their welfare is in best possible condition.  This includes a team of cowboys monitoring health, mixing good quality commodities, delivering feed and other jobs required to keep the cattle in good health, within a low stress environment.  These yearlings are currently placed throughout Parker and Palo Pinto Counties.  TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is Beef Quality Assurance Certified as well as a USDA Bonded Livestock Dealer.


TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC has a team of knowledgable individuals in the cattle industry that come together to cover an expansive area of livestock auctions.  This allows a competitive price to be offered to buyers.  Full processing of tags, brands, and medications before shipment to the buyer or pre-conditioning yard is also performed upon buyers request.  The headquarters for TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is based out of Fazenda Barrinha Ranch, in Weatherford, Texas.


TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC'S pre-conditioning yard, located at Rock Creek Ranch in Weatherford, Texas was established to offer a location for investors to send their cattle and have comfort in this "high-risk" or vital period of the calves health.  The goal is to focus on offering maximum pounds gained at the cheapest cost possible, administer appropriate medications at the earliest detection of illness, and to provide a low stress environment.  TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is also able to offer liaison services to clients on topics ranging from commodities, cattle health, leasing on the gain, commodity futures, and current cattle prices.  


TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is a broker for other ranches to get them top current dollar on their investments.  This is achieved by working with a wide-range of owners looking to sell, in forward contracting their cattle to feed yards willing to give the best price.  Forward contracting is consistently practiced to lock in cattlemen's assets in a regularly shifting market.  You can find Seth's contact information on the 'Contact Us' page if you have a calf crop you would like TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC to bid on.


TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC runs a herd of pure-bred commercial black Angus cows.  They are bred to hand selected, high marbling, registered black Angus bulls with premium EPD's for producing the best performing calves in the feed yard and on the rail.  This results in excellent graded beef that TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC locally sells limited quantities of. Another endeavor within this category includes raising and developing quality replacement heifers.  Featured on the For Sale page you will find that TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC has a variety of exceptionally bred heifers, pairs and other purebred livestock to improve your herd.  Stay up to date with the For Sale page to see great females such as Brahmans, F1 Tiger Stripes & Angus.