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Though raised hundreds of miles apart, Seth and Bobbi Taylor's childhood story's were alike in many ways and began with the generations that came before them.  Their families served as their biggest influences and continue to be their biggest supporters.  Both sides of their families provided them experiences in many things from farming, ranching, hard work and perseverance, to running successful business's and serving the Lord.  Having deep roots in agriculture, they were quickly introduced to raising livestock and horsemanship.  Their past generations taught the value of all life, that runs deeper than the livestock alone; from grass and crops that grow each year to honoring each life taken hunting wild game, to being stewards of the land, it all holds great worth to the Taylor's.  


Seth's vision on being a cattleman was clear from a young age.  He took a job in Montana following college but two years later moved back to Texas to train horses.  2011 was an eventful year for the Taylor's.  Seth saw an opportunity to own feeder cattle and Taylor Cattle Co. was founded.  Seth and Bobbi are blessed that their family has grown and the business developed to a point that it became their sole career and has since diversified to other areas of the cattle business.  Their passion is in owning breeding stock with exceptional genetics.  Seth's appreciation and knowledge for quality females and bulls has turned their breeding operation into a herd that consistently produces first-rate replacement heifers and their Angus cows producing calves that continually grade USDA choice and prime.  This has naturally led to growth in their Replacement Female program for the enhancement of both their own herd and other ranches.  


There are many aspects of this industry that Taylor Cattle Co.  will strive to be a positive influence towards, such as:

  • Efficient & Quality Beef Production

  • Animal Welfare

  • Agriculture Education

  • Stewardship of Land & Wildlife

  • Support of American Farmers & Ranchers


As always, Taylor Cattle Co. will evolve with the ever changing industry while also staying true to the foundational roots that past generations have laid down for all ranchers.

Ultimately, the Taylor's goal is to educate children and others and pass down the same values and wisdom that their families have passed to them.  They are hoping to spark a passion in others for God, life, and land.

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