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"Our passion is superior genetics in Brahman,

Angus, and F1 influences of the two breeds."

TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC runs a herd of pure-bred commercial Angus cows.  They are bred to hand selected, high marbling, registered black Angus bulls with premium EPD's for producing the best performing calves in the feed yard and on the rail.  This results in excellent graded beef that we sell locally.  CONTACT US today for additional information on purchasing a quarter, half or whole beef, to stock your freezer with delicious homegrown beef!


Alongside the Angus herd, TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC is passionate about breeding and raising high performing Registered Brahman cattle.  The heifer calves are developed into high quality replacement heifers for private treaty, specialty sales, and stock show competitions.  The bull calves are very closely evaluated, where only the bulls of the most superior genetics and conformations will go on to enhance seed stock programs.  Visit the BRAHMAN page to see more details on these Brahman cattle.     


Featured on the FOR SALE page you will find that TAYLOR CATTLE CO. LLC has a variety of exceptionally bred heifers, pairs and other purebred livestock to improve your herd.  Stay up to date with the FOR SALE page to see great cattle - Brahman, Angus, & F1 crosses.

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